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Most sellers want to know, “How can I get the most for my house with doing the least to it in the shortest amount of time?” That might seem like a simple question, but the condition of a home, its location, upgrades, and lot premiums are just a few of the variables that have to be considered and matched to the current market cycle and inventory rates.  

Simple questions go a long way.  How much did my neighbors sell their house for?  Is my home in better shape, the same, or worse?  Is a buyer able to find a better home on the market for the same or less money?  Are there more buyers or sellers right now?


One of the best ways I love to save people money is in offering a free home evaluation. No strings, no commitments, but I’m happy to take a quick peek at your home and help you get ready to sell. If you need to list in a week, we can make it happen. All the better if you aren’t looking to sell for a few months, that gives us time to put a good plan in place! Call or email me!

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Buying or selling a home should and can be an exciting experience! Unfortunately, as many know, it can also be a nightmare. My goal in serving your real estate needs is to keep your experience as positive and fun as possible while making your real estate goals become reality.

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