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Maybe you want to move from WI to MI, or buy a second home in SC, or refinance your rental property in TX, I can help you with it all! That may seem impossible if you don’t live in Colorado, but one of my favorite things to do is to help families and friends make great moves all across the United States of America!

Here’s how…


One of the huge advantages of working for a MASSIVE mortgage company is that we have agents licensed in your state! That means that I can partner with them to help you get a home loan or refinance no matter where you live. With Edge Home Finance, we have over 100 lenders that we shop from to make sure that you can get the right loan product for your specific need. Having this many choices also allows us to do all the mortgage shopping for you to make sure you are getting the best rate possible at the best price possible, all while closing earlier than expected!

Home is where your story begins.

Anne Danielson


Just because you “know, like, and trust” an agent in your area, does that mean you should use them? Maybe not! For most people, making a move in real estate is by far their largest lifetime financial decision… and YOU deserve not just a great agent, but one with a proven track record and local experience to guide you! 

Here’s how I can HELP YOU make a great move:

  • I’ll research and introduce you to some agents that I would use. 
  • I’ll interview them first for you. 
  • If selling, I’ll negotiate the commission down for you!
  • If they don’t feel like the right fit for you, I’ll find another agent!
  • AND… I’ll consult for you as a second set of eyes throughout the sale! 

A home is built with love and dreams.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

I'm Free to You!

That’s right, you don’t pay me a dime for any of these services. And, at the same time, by allowing me to join you on your journey of homeownership, I will get some compensation from my partnerships with other agents. So, thank YOU for helping me grow my real estate reach all across the United States!


Sale and Purchase
"Regan helped us find a great Realtor to partner with as we bought and sold our house in California!" -Rick and Susan
"We finance our forever home in South Carolina through Regan's connection and got an amazing rate!" -Rob and Susan
"Regan helped us sell in Colorado and found us an amazing agent to work with for our new life in Florida!" -Erin and Jason
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New Job
"My husband got a new job and we had to move out of Arizona, Regan connected us with an amazing Realtor!" -Jody
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