Selling a Home

Most sellers want to know, "How can I get the most for my house with doing the least to it in the shortest amount of time?" That might seem like a simple question, but the condition of a home, its location, upgrades, and lot premiums are just a few of the variables that have to be considered and matched to the current market cycle and inventory rates.  

Simple questions go a long way.  How much did my neighbors sell their house for?  Is my home in better shape, the same, or worse?  Is a buyer able to find a better home on the market for the same or less money?  Are there more buyers or sellers right now?  

Homes that have a tough time selling really do so for three main reasons.  Price, Condition, and Marketing.  A great real estate professional will make sure that your marketing is top-notch making sure that your home has maximum exposure.  That's pretty easy to spot for a seller, just look at how the majority of homes are being marketed and see if your home stands out or not.  From there, have conversations around either bringing down the asking price or raising the condition of the home.  

Staging is another crucial element in selling.  Staged homes sell better than vacant homes.  Many buyers are driven by emotion more than anything and most buyers can't see what could be, but only see what currently is. There are three D's to consider if you are staging the home on your own.  Declutter, Depersonalize, and Decorate.  Living in a home is very different than staging a home!  If improvements need to be made, think about what would appeal to the largest group of buyers.  For example, check out the deck on the home above (as if you haven't already!), it's cool... to a very few people. 

One of the best ways I love to save people money is in offering a free home evaluation.  No strings, no commitments, but I'm happy to take a quick peek at your home and help you get ready to sell.  If you need to list in a week, we can make it happen.  All the better if you aren't looking to sell for a few months, that gives us time to put a good plan in place!  Call or email me!

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