One of the best ways to find your next home is to get connected to the backside of your local Multiple Listing Service (MLS).  When real estate agents add homes, the MLS syndicates that listing to multiple sites.  Some sites have a delay in getting those listings, and some sites never get all the listings!  Most buyers bounce from one site to another to try to find the right home.  A better way to search is...

Get a Free Personalized Home Search Portal.  Use the submission form below and I will set up a personalized home search portal website for you.  The search will run 24/7 and as soon as a home hits the market that matches your needs, you'll be notified and we'll be able to set up a viewing.  In our local market, waiting even one day costs buyers their dream homes!  So, sign up or call and I'll get you set up today!

Due Diligence in Buying Into a Neighborhood

Finding the perfect home that fits all your needs and as many of your wants is important.  It is just as important to look at the neighborhood and city you are considering buying into. Here are a few great resources to help. 

One great way is to simply spend some time during the day and at night driving and walking around.  If you're bold, knock on some neighbors' doors, or talk to people taking a walk.  Ask them what they like best and least about living there.  You'd be surprised what you'll learn and you might meet some incredible people!

Find Your Home

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