Art of Negotiation

I've heard a lot about great negotiation.  One quote was "The art of negotiation is art of letting the other side have it your way!"  You'll hear that great negotiation in real estate is about creating a win-win.  John F Kennedy said, "Let us never negotiate out of fear, but let us never fear to negotiate."  Others have said that the strongest and most simple word in negotiation is, "no."  "The one who can walk from the table has the upper hand."

While all these are true, in real estate great negotiation comes back to two things.  Knowing your position and knowing the other's position.  This is where an experienced and educated real estate professional comes in to play.  It is our job to help you navigate the subtle waters of negotiation in real estate!  To know both sides of the table as best as possible and to go to bat for you! 

Did you know there are actually two rounds of negotiations in the sale of a home?  The first round helps a buyer and seller come to an agreement on a mutually executed contract.  This involves purchase price, closing costs allocations, closing date, etc.  The second round of negotiations is in the Inspection Objection and Resolution.  Coupling the right strategy for both rounds with the current market is key!